THE TICKET - Storyboard


The film begins with a peaceful park on some sunny day. One old man fumbles about trying to find his cigarette in his pocket, but he does not have any. He asks some people who walk by him to borrow a cigarette, but they do not answer him. He continues to look for someone to give him a cigarette. Suddenly, he sees a booth with a reception desk and a card “Get free ticket”.

I am a tough guy!

Who's that guy in the photo? James Dean? No!
His name is Quentin Fuller, who has passion more than anyone I know.

This photo above is one of my favourite photos of Quentin.
In this photo, he doesn't appear that he trying to look good,
but he tells us I am a tough guy and we realise that when he turns to the camera.

In May 1970, he was in Vietnam as a soldier.
In May 2008, he is in The Ticket as a mysterious man.

THE TICKET - Trailer

THE TICKET is just around the corner!

THE TICKET directed by Jae Yeon Hwang is now just around the corner.

In this short film, the director captures the elements between life and death. The film focuses on the choices we make to continue living or to embrace death.

The film will be showcased in May 2008 on the director's official website,