Secret Sunshine

Although a film poster is normally composed of one shot, it could tell us what happening in their film.

Secret Sunshine is a South Korean film in 2007 directed by Lee Chang-dong. The story is focused on a woman suffering from the death of her husband and child. Through the story, the director talks about forgiveness and crime in terms of the essence of religion.

In the film, a woman, Sin-ae (Jeon Do-yeon, won the best actress at 2007 Cannes Film Festival) moves with her child to a small town called Milyang (the original sound of Secret Sunshine), where her husband was born, after the death of her husband. She tries to live at the town as a place of new life with her child, but she is fallen in the depths of despair by the death of her child after kidnapping. She starts to go to the church to overcome her sorrow and have the faith in God. However, she is angered at the privilege of forgiveness and falls into the religious dilemma, and then struggles with God.

One of the posters of this film shows the story that seems to be a love. A woman who cries is sitting on the ground. A man who clasps an umbrella is also sitting behind the woman. And sunshine is lighting the street they are sitting.

These elements could convey the relation between God and humans. A woman who exclaims with anger is averting from sunshine at the bounds of human being. A man who takes the shield helping to avoid sunshine is waiting for her to get her love as human nature. And God looks after them through the subtle light of sunshine.

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