The Outward Form of YP-T9, MP3 Player in Samsung

Samsung YP-T9 is the new MP3 player of T-series which has been released for over a year. Although Apple iPod nano is attractive, it is easily affected by high technological products such as YP-T9. The YP-T9 has the harmony of three important features - design, function and service of media - to enjoy MP3 player. This post will focus on the outward form of YP-T9.

The history of Samsung MP3 player is not too short. It had already started in late 1990's, so there has been a lot of trial and error. However, this has led to better quality products. Certainly modifications made, YP-T9 is the result of their trials and error.

The front side of YP-T9 is formed in a vertical shape of bar type. This side is composed of two parts which is a 1.8 inches LCD display and a large keypad. The YP-T9's keypad is easy to operate for a user who has a big thumb.

The right side has four buttons in order to use general functions - from left in photo; power and play, menu, back, recording and repeat section for study. By the way, a remarkable point is the last button. This is quite different in shape from any other buttons. For this reason, users can operate recording or repeat some section without seeing.

The left side has only one button, a key holder. For reference, if a user tries to operate some function when the key is held, YP-T9 shows status of hold by LCD display.

Actually, the cable to connect PC and YP-T9 is little wider than any other players. But it has compatibility with mobile phone cable which is 24 pin. Being able to use with a mobile phone cable gives added one benefit to users who use 24 pin cable for mobile phone.

The upper part situates three positions; a microphone for recording, a necklace loop and a plug to put an earphone.

The back side is printed with detail information such as model name, memory ability, serial numbers and each kind of industrial standards.

As a result of review of YP-T9, this product set off that it was made after considering user. Recently MP3 player trend is easier and more enjoyable to user. Samsung YP-T9 will satisfy this trend.

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