Port Stephens

Let's think about it. Can you see three things, a desert, sea and forest together in only one day? There is the answer, Port Stephens.

Port Stephens, which is about 150 kilometres from Sydney, Australia, takes two hours and thirty minutes by car. It is not far away, but it has fabulous places.

Anna Bay; this is one of the famous places in Port Stephens. Visitors should go there at any cost. First of all, visitors can play, go sand-boarding like snow-boarding, but there is not a lift. It is a exciting experience, because they can enjoy warm, much of soft and never wet.

Secondly, camels on the beach, it is unusual view, whereas it usual view in Port Stephens. Camels for visitors go to the desert and go to the beach. If camels which live in the desert of Sahara see them who live in Anna Bay, they are unbelievable.

Nelson Bay; this is also one of the famous places. When a cruiser left from Nelson wharf and then about fifteen minutes later, the cruiser stopped and then...

Dolphins appeared around. These dolphins were not trained, they live in the wild. Although, sometimes they have do not appear on the surface of the sea, visitors never have to feed them.

There is blue sea and sky. Blue Water Paradise, Port Stephens.

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