The Brief of the Website,

1. Goals/Purposes of Website, this personal website, may be introduced and promoted by J.Y. Hwang. "These days almost all large corporations and a great many small businesses use the Web for promotion."(Farkas and Farkas 2002, p. 7). A website gives the information about a company to promote itself. A personal website also can give information about someone's personal portfolio. There are too many blogs of J.Y. Hwang's because people who are users of those blogs have different needs for each blog. As a result, when J.Y. Hwang wanted to tell or show something, J.Y. Hwang must update the same contents on each blog. This website is going to be the exclusive official J.Y. Hwang website. That means visitors use the website to get information about J.Y. Hwang.

2. Target Audience
● To the people who have already known about J.Y. Hwang
The people who are friends and parents of J.Y. Hwang's will be able to know his present situation and see his recent photos and news.

● To the people who want to know about J.Y. Hwang
If someone wants to be his friend, this website may be the first step to know about him.

● To the people who want to see J.Y. Hwang's videos
This website will be his most important portfolio, especially to the people who want to be a business partner, such as a film maker and a producer, with him. The videos made by him will be uploaded on this website.

3. Message
The message of this website is to show that J.Y. Hwang has the sensibilities and the skills about films to be one of the film industry's most successful directors.

4. Contents● Index
This page will be produced using Macromedia Flash. Visitors will be able to enter the main page though the click on this page.

● Main Page
There are five linked pages in this website, 'Biography', 'Photographs', 'Blog', 'Videos' and 'Information'.

● Biography
Visitors can read his profile and access through 'Wikipedia' button which is a sub link page of this.

● Photographs
This page will show small images of his photographs and then it will become a large image when visitors do the click a small image.

● Blog
The blog has already been published on but this blog will not open via a new window. The blog will remain in the lower half of the frame.

● Videos
This page will be connected to the purpose of this website directly. There are now three videos made by J.Y. Hwang. These videos play on YouTube, so visitors do not have to install any program to view video files.

● Information
There may be two sub buttons in this page. One of these buttons is 'Site Map' which is the structure of whole website, and another is 'Contact' which is J.Y. Hwang’s contact detail, such as e-mail.

5. Design Approach
The design concept of this website is simple and clear and easy to use, read, watch and enjoy all contents. According to Robin et al (2002, p.95), the website needs an overview and balance with the functional aspects because it is not a magazine. The authors also demonstrated that, by comparing to, a website must be used simpliy because too many visual images can be a confusing to users (Robin et al 2002, p.95). Thus, the main colours of this website may be white, grey and black. The graphics, such as banners, buttons and icons, are simple and natural with the main colours.


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Robin W., John T. & Rohr D. 2002, 'Design is Not the First Step', Robin Williams Web Design Workshop, Peach Pit Press.

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