Spy Films

The spy films treat spies who find out the political, military, or industrial secrets of enemies or rivals. Through theme of fictional espionage, these films could be divided between realistic and fantasy, such as the Jason Bourne series and the James Bond series. Many spy films have adapted by novels. Ian Fleming's the James Bond series and Robert Ludlum's the Jason Bourne series are good examples. The history of spy film genre is quite long. It began in the silent picture days, and it is still continued with historical context, such as the start of the First World War, and the Second World War and the Cold War.

The spy film genre is generally a sub-genre of action and thriller film. It also could be war film genre without tanks because it deals with the operations of more than two countries or organisations. This genre is typically involving a spy or a secret agent who has been well trained by the military with good career, and a love for his country or organisation. They also have many names and passports to conceal one’s identity, very attractive face, and looking good female partner of partners. Spies usually work alone with their organisation’s support and always use the state-of-the-art technologies.

Heroes and enemies with romance and adventure between faith and conspiracy

There is only one option; to be us or to be them. Spy films talk about relationships of contrary positions. The positions are in the middle of their unshaken faith; protecting and keeping. Moreover, in the historical timeline, the enemies in the spy films changed from secret organisations to the Soviet Union. However, after the Cold War, modern spies have fought the insiders or the Third World.

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