He is not legend now.

The conclusion of movies is the most important scene. It is something their audience remember as long as they can do it. Some of movies which attracted so much before showing made the audience disappointed because of nonsense ending rather than its whole story.

Here, there is an evidence why ending of a movie is the most important. One of the movies in 2007, I am legend, had attracted many audience since before showing. Because its original story has come from the famous novel of the same name in 1954, but many audience disappointed. Even though they expected better story work rather than the novel's one, visual expectations also affected to them.

However, the filmmakers made a decision to alternate their ending. This alternative ending is close to the original novel. Moreover, people, who want to keep this movie as a DVD at their own shelf, will be able to do from 18 March, 2008.

All right, just watch the alternative ending, if it is no problem to know it.

Now, we are not alone, he is also not legend anymore.


kukutea said...

i saw that film too.
cos i like will smith very much~

the dog in the film is soo cute.

however,the ending of this film is sad...

Peter Podcast said...

It's a good blog JY but really hard to find the comments!