North Korea and South Korea

This post is about the two countries of Korea, North Korea and South Korea. It will compare two points. Firstly, the area and population. Secondly, the division of ideologies of their countries.

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So, let’s start with the first point. Both countries are similar in area and different in population. Firstly, area. North Korea’s area is a little bigger than South Korea’s. North Korea covers one hundred and twenty thousand square kilometres, but South Korea covers only one hundred thousand square kilometres. Secondly, population. North Korea has 2.2 million people which is much less than South Korea’s, which is 4.8 million.

Now to the second point, ideologies. Before we consider this, let us think about the division. Why does it say that North Korea and South Korea are divided? Before the Korean War, Korea was only one country.

However, in 1953, Korea was separated by two ideologies, democracy and communism. North Korea chose communism, whereas South Korea chose democracy.

For example, Korea has two national flags. Have a look! Have you seen them before?

Most people have never seen this flag. This flag is North Korean flag and the other flag is South Korean flag. In fact, many people don’t know the North Korean flag, because North Korea is a closed society.

As a result, we have to say different names, North and South Korea, South and North Korea. Actually, they are different countries, and they have different ideologies. But North Korean and South Korean want to live together, because they use just one language, Korean.

In conclusion, the similarities and the people’s desire show that Korea is one country. But the governments have falsely divided it to suit their own purposes.

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