Hanbok, Korean Traditional Clothes

The above pictures are men and women wearing Hanbok. This is a general style, because Hanbok comes in a lot of styles and there are many colour variations. Most people who are young people do not have Hanbok, because it is uncomfortable in comparison to Western clothes. For this reason, most people do not wear Hanbok. If you visit Korea, you cannot see Hanbok often. However, I think Hanbok is more fashionable than Western clothes. Nowadays Hanbok has changed style to be more comfortable and easier to wear. For example, the modern Hanbok combines Korean traditional style and Western style.


excited college student said...

I love your post! It's nice to see how the Korean Clothing has changed and modernized. I agree, i think its much more beautful than western clothing.

yanjiaren said...

I love asian clothes and I want a hanbok too. I have creid watching the last episodes of Yi San today too.